Description was wide of the mark

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I MUST reply to the letter from Miss D Ward regarding the Cavendish/BT dilemma (Disgusted by third world claim, June 21).

As a resident of Cavendish I recently had to put up with prolonged loss of telephone.

I am a 24/7 carer for my husband so the fact that I could not easily contact any medical assistance I might need was very worrying and caused a lot of stress and anxiety; other people had different problems.

However, I, for one, do not wish to be associated with the misguided interpretation of our situation and in no way would compare our problem with the dreadful conditions in the third world countries.

Please, do not allow an emotive headline derived from a thoughtless, exaggerated remark, made in anger and frustration, to besmirch your perception of the whole of the Cavendish population.


High Street