Danger of fewer services

Now that Redrow has pulled out of the plan to build the huge Chilton Woods housing estate on the edge of Sudbury, (Free Press, March 14) perhaps the planners at Babergh District Council and county hall can have a rethink of their goals.

The excuse given for the Chilton Woods development by the profit-seeking joint venture between Suffolk County Council and Redrow was that it would “accommodate a major proportion of the Babergh district’s housing and employment growth needs for future years.”

This is looking at the issue the wrong way around.

People have a need for employment and housing, not Babergh District Council.

The danger is now that in their desperation to sell the land, county hall officials will agree to an even larger number of houses with even fewer buses, shops, industrial units and schools, all because some planners have deemed that Sudbury has to grow by 60 per cent.

There are lots of derelict, undeveloped sites within Sudbury that should be regenerated first before building on open farmland.

If we help sort out the town centre first, for example by prioritising local, independent shops before giant national and multi-national chains, we might create a place where people will naturally want to come to live, work and enjoy.

Teresa Bishop

Sudbury Green Party

Bank Buildings