Daily post may be on way out

I am angered by what is happening to our postal service.

We all like to moan about our post arriving later now, but have you wondered why?

For years, postal workers have endured reduced pensions and wages, extended rounds, extra work and job losses. It was hoped this would bring Royal Mail out of debt and save jobs.

It was announced last week on TV that the firm has made good profits, so why in the same announcement is the Government allowing privatisation?

Short-sighted decisions made in the hope of lowering the country’s debt problems will soon be regretted when thousands of postal workers lose their jobs and end up claiming benefits.

Private proposals will separate the letter post from the parcel services as it is cost effective. There is talk of stopping the daily rural letter delivery and collections.

Village and rural homes will have to collect their own post from designated places.

The reluctance of Royal Mail to replace the postbox in the Chaucer area in Sudbury’s outskirts is very telling.

Royal Mail could be sold off by the autumn so please appreciate the service we have now, because we will soon be looking back fondly at the good old days when our post was delivered to our doors.

Please support these hard workers by writing to your Member of Parliament for help.

Don’t let us lose another wonderful daily service.

J Daniel-Howard

Woodhall Road