Couple should be commended

IN response to recent reports and speculation about the future of Lavenham Post Office, it is apparent that gossip and rumour take priority over fact and truth.

Mr and Mrs Hensby must be commended for their tireless efforts, under very difficult personal circumstances, for trying to find a new suitable location for the post office.

The property was on the market as a going concern for a long period of time, with very little interest, before they began approaching local businesses requesting they consider installing the village post office in their establishments, such is their concern that the village retains a post office service.

This has been far from an easy decision for them as they now lose the salaried income that the post office provided.

What astounds me is the way previous newspaper reports have sensationalised the post office move, fuelled by comments from residents of the village, when in fact the couple have tried endlessly to find new proprietors willing to keep the post office open.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that reporters have been contacting everyone but Mr and Mrs Hensby before printing their reports.

Taylor Dudley must also be applauded for being the only business in Lavenham willing to ensure the continuity of a post office service.

It is common knowledge that Mr Hensby is unwell.. I find it somewhat sickening and distressing that his illness is cast aside by thoughtless and small minded individuals who are more concerned with the “inconvenience” of a possible post office move and the additional problematic issues it may cause, rather than offering support and understanding to fellow residents of the village who are facing an extremely difficult and emotional future in Lavenham.

I for one wish Mr and Mrs Hensby a peaceful future. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this very difficult time.


Former resident of Lavenham