Council shows its true colours

JUDITH Fardell, headteacher of Wells Hall Primary School, has highlighted Suffolk County Council’s true colours in its attitude to our local schools (Free Press, January 26).

Some years ago Great Cornard Middle School had four classrooms built to accommodate increasing numbers of students.

They were used for Year 5 (age 9/10). They had no connection to the main building and no toilets, the nearest being in the main building and accessed via a footpath with no protection from the elements.

The school has had other internal alterations since then, but there seems to have been no mention of its future use after the change to the two-tier system.

Moving the primary school there would no doubt cost more than the council is prepared to spend but they should at least be taking the opportunity to make the primary school system work better than it does at present.

After all, that is where a good experience of learning should begin.

Expecting staff and students to work in cramped and uncomfortable conditions should not be part of that process.


Davidson Close

Great Cornard