Council should end nuisance

It is good that the council has been able to keep car parking free for the first three hours, as this will definitely keep people coming into the town.

However, I was disappointed to read that nothing is being done to discourage commuters from using town centre streets rather than the car parking facilities available near the station for just £2 per day.

One councillor was reported as saying that commuters would go elsewhere to catch a train if prices were raised. A brief survey of local stations shows that only Bures (with a mere 20 places) can offer free station car parking.

The price at Marks Tey is £5.90 and at Colchester it is £7.20 per day (Chappel has no car park).

Sudbury is therefore much better value but the council will only receive the full benefit of this revenue if it discourages local on-street parking for free.

I am asking the council to look again at residents’ parking schemes for roads where all-day parking is a great nuisance to town centre home owners.

C Read