Contrast in list beggars belief

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

In his letter in the Free Press on December 19, Barry McCartney asks “Where are you, Mr Yeo?”

I have discovered where he might be and as he is about to ballot Conservative party members to save his political career.

I ask that, before members cast their votes, they examine the financial interests of MPs, particularly those of Tim Yeo and his neighbouring MPs.

I have done this and, as Mr Yeo’s alone would take up all of this page, it would be impossible to put these in my letter, whereas those of his immediate colleagues amount to nothing.

Therefore, I suggest anyone thinking of casting their vote in favour of Mr Yeo should type the following into an internet search engine: house of commons register of members’ interests publications. Then go then to 2013-2014, part 1.

One will immediately see Mr Yeo may well be elsewhere, perhaps not in Westminster and certainly well outside his constituency.

In fact, he may be lucratively chairing or attending company board meetings, many miles away, as a non-executive director of a PLC or maybe talking to the Clean Energy Council during a 10-day visit to Australia.

I suggest we then examine the outside interests of other MPs who are our neighbours – for example, Brooks Newmark, Dr Dan Poulter and Sir Bob Russell. One will see that each of these MPs spends most of their long working hours either in Westminster or in their constituency and receive no huge payments from other work.

The contrast between them and Mr Yeo beggars belief.

I am not making a political issue out of this, but I have some experience of having known many MPs in my time from when I canvassed for Winston Churchill, who was my MP during the early 1950s.

I would suggest that the person adopted should be prepared to devote at least 90 per cent of their working time to their constituents. This will then clear the way for Mr Yeo to stand as a member for the Green Party.

I will certainly not be voting Conservative if they decide to support Mr Yeo.

Ian Berry

Kestrel Bookshop