Congestion will get worse

I WONDER if I am the only person getting pretty fed-up with the amount of time I waste trying to exit the road junction of Station Road, Great Eastern Road and the road to Waitrose supermarket and the various car parks.

These days it is nothing unusual to have to wait 10 minutes to clear this junction from the south side. If your departure coincides with a recent arrival from a train then you can be there a lot longer.

With further developments on this side of Sudbury I suspect the congestion will only get worse.

Would not a roundabout at this junction improve the traffic flow?

If you look at this area there seems to be plenty of scope for utilising a small amount of land from each of the existing car parks - Roys, Waitrose and the swimming pool.

Maybe Sudbury Town Council could put forward this idea to Suffolk Highways to assist the many users of this very busy junction.


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