Complaints are just madness

I AM writing in disbelief.

I went to purchase a special offer chef’s knife from Tesco today and was told that they had been forced to stop selling them due to local people complaining that they promote knife crime.

I’m sorry, but I feel very strongly about this.

I am against knife crime and I feel sorry for victims of it. But when someone has to pay approximately £120 just to qualify for buying one at £5 I fail to see how this is possible.

Nobody is going to spend a hundred pounds on buying a knife just to stab someone!

I don’t see them complaining about the set of three knives for sale in the 99p shop.

This is blatant stupidity by those who think they know best.

I’m sorry, but I feel those who campaign against knife crime are going too far.

This is just as stupid an idea as saying a man or woman who buys children’s clothes is likely to be a paedophile.

Stop this madness now, please.


Second Avenue