Competition is healthy in Glemsford

I MUST say I am surprised by the attitude of the shop owners in Glemsford (Another shop would kill us, say businesses, December 29).

At least two shops here are owned by Premier shops, which I would say is not quite the small chain of shops we all think!

The post office was sold with the knowledge of a new business coming to the village. Mitchells themselves at one point had approached Spar but the building was “too old” for Spar to invest in.

As for Glemsford Motor Services, from what I can see they are going to stay local and keep the business in the village.

The whole village would gain from a new shop, that would possibly have different types of produce and even clothing!

Competition is good! It’s what makes the world go round.

The other thing no one seems to notice is that the fish shop-come-stores didn’t have a petition. Odd that! Maybe they feel it’s not that big a deal to them!

As to the worries about the local teenagers using the new store as a place to hang about, doesn’t every town in the UK have that problem?

Glemsford is a nice village and is growing in size. We have new builds in Crownfield Road, and if they put new houses on the Downs site behind Glemsford Motors we will need additional services in the village and I think this could only help the village no end.

I have only lived in the village for four years and Sudbury for 17 years and love the Suffolk area and people. Why everyone is up in arms is hard to understand. If it was a big town no one would worry, but as it’s a village ... well there you go! But be warned, Glemsford, it won’t stay a village for long.


Bells Lane