Common sense should prevail

Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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Did I just read a story in last week’s Free Press right?

“Graham Reavell, a resident from Gainsborough Road, said his wife, who commutes from Sudbury railway station, was among several commuters who missed their train on Wednesday after being delayed” and “the simple solution would be to stop such long lorries coming and have them arrive at other times such as during the night”.

Three things immediately spring to mind ...

1) Perhaps if Mr Reavell’s wife were to walk to the station, then her vehicle would not be part of the problem of traffic backing up.

It’s just as quick to walk through town as it is to drive, and it would lessen the pressure on the parking in town into the bargain.

2) I’m sure the people living near the rear of these shops would just love having their sleep disturbed by these lorries delivering even earlier just so Mrs Reavell can drive to the station.

As would the poor staff who would have to be there at unsociable hours to off-load these lorries. No doubt the costs incurred would also be passed onto the customers but I should imagine Mr Reavell doesn’t shop there anyway so I guess he wouldn’t care.(Huge case of nimbyism).

3) If Mr Reavell does actually shop at these stores, just how does he imagine these goods get here? Pixies? No, on the big lorries that postpone his wife’s obviously highly important commute to London.

Using two smaller lorries wouldn’t help clear the road – it would just mean one more vehicle on the road.

As for someone using some common sense, I suggest Mr Reavell and his family use some.

Either get up earlier and walk to the station or be aware that there may be deliveries there, as there have been for a few years now, and factor in that there may be a delay for the deliveries.

It’s not really too difficult to work out, is it?

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