Clowns are in the wrong business

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IN her attempt to defend the indefensible, the council’s spokeswoman highlights the lack of control exercised on the Sudbury crossing project.

To claim that the budget leapt by 50 per cent because of improvements in design and overnight working just won’t wash.

It simply shows that a proper technical appraisal and budget plan were not drawn up at the outset. It is clear that those responsible remain untouched by the financial realities of today’s world.

I suspect that Mr Keogh got it right when he surmised that the money would have come from a specific pot and so couldn’t be transferred to some other use.

But if so, the sooner they understand that those days are gone, the better.

Indeed, I would endorse Mr Fosker’s judgement that heads must roll; the clowns responsible for this folly are obviously in the wrong business!