Cars don’t stop at traffic lights

I HAVE been an Ofsted registered childminder for over 20 years. I teach all my minded children the Green Cross Code from an early age.

We have a crossing in Long Melford; the children like to press the button and wait for “the red man to turn green”. They then know it is safe to cross. Or is it!!

I can be pushing a double buggy with one hand, holding a child’s hand with the other or secured to me with a wrist strap as we cross the roads.

On numerous occasions we have had cars shoot across us as we are on the crossing, where the driver has not even looked at the traffic lights.

On Friday, February 24, at 9.25am, this happened to me yet again.

We were almost halfway across the road when we had to stop and stood shaking as a car passed us at speed.

The driver clearly had no intention of stopping and totally ignored the traffic lights.

The driver behind who did stop shook his head and shrugged his shoulders having seen the actions of the previous driver. Luckily for that driver I did not get his number!

I would just like to warn or remind parents, childminders, children, grandparents and all, please keep looking and listening as you cross the road, even on a supposedly “safe crossing”.


Ofsted Registered Childminder

Roman Way

Long Melford