Can this be a better service?

Money, money, money. Sounds like an Abba hit of the 70s, but no, it’s the link between three stories from the November 29 edition of the Free Press.

1. Serco health cuts: we are always being told that going private will save money and give a better service, but how can Serco’s cuts of 137 staff from an already overstretched service be better (or did it mean better for its profits)?

2. Possible profit of £5million from sale of People’s Park: Add together the profit from the sale of People’s Park and the two hospitals (which I may add were paid for by local taxes, donations and subscriptions in Victorian times by the people of Sudbury and district), and the £10million cost for the new health centre will be paid for from the profit of the sale of what the people of Sudbury paid for in the first place (no favours there then).

3. Health centre delay: Will it ever get built? We’ve had delays and downgrades from a hospital with beds to a health centre without beds. Yes, we are told, “care in the community” will be better with visits keeping patients in their homes but that’s not for everyone, some need care 24/7 and that is what the staff at Walnuttree did very well. Walnuttree also took overflow from Bury so where now?

Care homes are mostly profit-making concerns which I am sorry to say affects staffing levels because of the need to make a profit.

Every time we get a new person in charge of the health centre, he has to have a review which causes more delays, seems a bit like asylum seekers wanting to stay in this country, just something else to put off paying out.

Yes, Abba were right – it’s just money, money, money.

David Riddlestone

Chaucer Road