Be wary of car park machines

Having recently had a very frustrating experience, I am trying to warn people of the unjust treatment of victims of non-functioning car park ticket machines.

My friend and I arrived in good time at Sudbury Station on 17th September for the 8.26am train and we tried to get a parking ticket. In spite of putting the right money in the machine we were unable to do so and neither were three other people, one of whom said that the other machine wasn’t working either.

After inserting the right amount of money, the machine asked for more which we put in, but it was all rejected. Our train arrived so we had to leave without a ticket, not having time to write and leave a note and on our return that evening a charge notice was on my windscreen. I wrote a letter of appeal explaining the situation but this was rejected - according to their database all the ticket machines were working at the time. This is extraordinary and makes me wonder how they know when machines aren’t working and if the database wasn’t functioning properly either! Also I wonder if the other people, who were trying to get tickets when we did, also sent appeals which were rejected as I should think they must have had charge notices too.

Maureen Morris


Back Lane

Monks Eleigh