Banners spoil appearance of Sudbury

I SEE the debate rages on about the display of banners on the railings of the church in the market place.

Babergh District Council planners are putting their foot down and may I say that there are many of us who understand and support their view.

St Peter’s is the landmark building in the centre of our market town. The Friends of the church dedicate their time and efforts to looking after it very well and make it available for a variety of charity and community events.

Not so long ago, an enormous amount of money was spent having new railings specially made and the gardens and the flower boxes are always nicely looked after.

Together with the splendid statue of Thomas Gainsborough, and the improvements outside the library, the market place does look very good these days.

Tourists come from miles around to visit Sudbury and our surrounding wool villages, providing much needed income and the look of the place is important.

The proliferation of large banners all around the church really does spoil its appearance and that was why the planners put their foot down, not because of petty mindedness.

Of course the many charitable and community organisations in and around the town need to be able to promote their events but they always used to do so through other means.

Could the town council not take the lead in finding a couple of prominent spots around the town where hoardings could be given permanent advertising consent and then organisations could fix up large posters etc?


Little St Mary’s

Long Melford