Ban on booze is not the answer

I am writing in response to your article on super-strength alcohol.

Although I understand alcohol can play a part in anti-social behaviour, I do not believe banning certain alcohol deals is the answer. Instead of punishing the majority of drinkers who are responsible, the council should look at channelling young people’s energy into positive areas, ensuring they feel attachment and pride in the town. Only then will they look after the town and themselves.

Many young people are bored and restless and so mischief is appealing. We need more youth clubs, projects, sport, art/music and a cinema.

In short, we need young people to be offered a positive alternative in which they can be constructive, happy and feel part of the community.

The council should not punish responsible drinkers. Although I understand the ban on certain alcohol, young people will still be drinking and the council needs to think harder on how to engage with them. Banning strong cider and beer is not the answer, there is still wine, vodka, whiskey ...

Luke Cresswell

Cross street