Answers will come at end

I am writing following my visit to Tim Yeo’s Surgery at the Sudbury Conservative Club on Saturday.

I attended to ask the questions in person which I posed in last week’s Free Press. Mr Yeo had not seen the edition before I met him.

The two questions I asked were: will he answer our questions in public and, secondly, if he is found guilty of wrong-doing, will he do the honourable thing and let us decide his future in a by-election?

Mr Yeo will answer questions in public, but not until the investigation by the parliamentary standards commissioner has been concluded.

No date or location has been set for such an event, but I’m willing to assist with organising it if Mr Yeo needs help. Perhaps St Peter’s or Sudbury Town Hall would be a good venue?

With regard to the second question, should Mr Yeo be found guilty of any wrongdoing, he will decide if he stands down or opts to hold a by-election. This will depend on the conclusion of the investigation.

I would like to emphasise (as he suggests), that Mr Yeo completely denies all the allegations and says that when The Sunday Times releases the full footage, he will be completely exonerated. I support his efforts to clear his name, and hope this is released.

If the journalists involved have behaved inappropriately, I hope the book is thrown at them for such despicable tactics.

I still have questions, as I’m sure many do, and look forward to the result of the investigation.

Should Mr Yeo be found innocent, we can all look forward to the future. If found guilty, there will be questions to ask.

Andy Message