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Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest letters from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

It seems every few months, that old chestnut about traffic congestion in Sudbury awakens, is shaken about a little and, as nothing is decided, goes back into hibernation.

I have, along with many others, for several years made suggestions – some being complicated and others relatively simple.

As I use the Bures /Cornard Road many times a day, I have plenty of time to think about solutions to help relieve the problem when held up in traffic both to and from my house.

Firstly, priority should be given to knocking down that eyesore of an old house situated between Underwood’s garage and the Leap building (I believe it is known as Arlington House).

This would allow a short spur road to be built from Cornard Road to connect with Roys, Waitrose, Kingfisher, the railway station and the lorry park.

This would immediately relieve, at the very least, 30 per cent of all traffic heading to and from the Belle Vue junction and 50 per cent of the present problems at the Great Eastern Road junction.

Next, the Belle Vue junction should be redesigned to allow traffic coming from Great Eastern Road to filter directly on to Newton Road, thereby relieving the pressure on the traffic lights in Girling Street and that dangerous exit from Ingrams Well Road into Newton Road.

I am also sure that the residents of Cats Lane would also be pleased not to have as many vehicles using their road as a rat run.

Ian Berry

Bures Road

Great Cornard