An integral part of social life

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IN reply to your invitation in last week’s Free Press to express our views regarding the closure and (hopefully) the re-opening of the Northcroft Social Club with the awarding of a new premises licence on October 4, I’d like to make the following observations.

Whatever the reasons for the Northcroft’s closure, the result has been that all of us have been punished for the actions of a few, and that will be definitely sorted out at our EGM on September 16.

As a member of the Northcroft for seven years, along with fellow members we are determined to ensure that noise abatement will be enforced, and that there will be a stricter membership check on everyone coming into the club.

Eddie Brown, our new chairman, is confident that the turnaround he mentions will be effected, and that under his direction the Northcroft will once again be efficiently run and in harmony with its neighbours.

Believing that will be the case, I sincerely hope that Babergh District Council will see fit to grant a new premises licence to our club on October 4 and thus to prove itself a necessary and integral part of Sudbury and district’s social life.


Playford Court