A string to Sudbury’s bow

May I, through the columns of your newspaper, express a few words of thanks to the public and musicians of Sudbury for bringing a dream to fruition?

In 1993, John James and I thought it would be good for the town to have its own orchestra again.

Last Saturday, John returned to Sudbury as soloist in a Mozart Horn Concerto as part of Sudbury Symphony Orchestra’s 20th anniversary concert.

We certainly dreamed in 1993, amid modest but always enthusiastic beginnings, that one day 40 or 50 local players might come together to perform Dvořák, Mozart and Beethoven with real flair and accomplishment.

The reality has proved even more moving (and even more accomplished) than we ever imagined.

Thank you, musicians past and present. Thank you especially, you young players.

Thanks too to Sudbury for turning out in such numbers in the foulest weather to support and applaud.

Long may it continue.

Heather Clayton

Newmans Road