A sign of the times, Royal Mail

I went to the Royal Mail office in Churchfield Road recently but it was very busy so when I saw the sign to say new extended opening hours til 8pm I thought, great, I will call back later when it’s quieter - but what the sign did not say is that you cannot send parcels after 5.30pm.

It was pointed out to me there was a sign under the new opening hours that says stamp sales are 7am - 5.30pm.

I told them I did not want to buy stamps, I wanted to post the parcels. If I had wanted to buy stamps I would have gone to Tesco, it’s quicker.

You can only collect parcels on the extra hours and there was no manager to explain any of the above, and the Royal Mail complaints call centre closes at 6pm.

Well done, Royal Mail, you are putting yourself out of business nice and fast and hopefully a customer friendly service can take the rest of your business!


Head Way