A long weekend? Try working in a windowless bunker

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SO that’s it then. The last bank holiday of the year. A sad time for many a worker. But not me.

I work Sundays anyway at my third job (there’s a reason unemployment is so high: I have all the jobs), and for those of us who lurk on the back pages of the Free Press, bank holiday Mondays are also just another working day.

Because when almost all local sport is played over the weekend, you can’t get anything done early.

Although you would be on pretty safe ground guessing that Hadleigh’s cricket team – on a hot streak at the moment – will be trouncing the opposition, and that poor old Cornard United Football Club probably won’t (sorry, Cornard).

I say just another day but really it’s more like being in the start of a zombie movie, parking in a tumbleweed-strewn car park (well, chip wrapper-strewn) and strolling through deserted streets and an empty bus station to a shuttered precinct.

As the sole soul in the Sudbury office, concentration can be tricky, and it’s easy to find yourself idly spinning in your chair, imagining all the frivolity and gaiety going on at the carnivals, fetes and festivals outside the four windowless walls, and wondering if you should take this opportunity to have a nose around the rest of the office (being nosy – or “taking an interest” as ladies of a certain age put it – is an essential trait for anyone working on a newspaper, so no shame there) before deciding you are unlikely to find anything more interesting than the minutes of a council meeting, a neglected pot plant and a staff memo about your job being outsourced to India that no-one thought to mention (probably), and finally knuckling down to do something productive.

So to those of you who also had to work, I salute you, to everyone else, I hope you made the best of the last long weekend.

ONE of the few bonuses of working bank holidays is the rare chance to use one of Sudbury’s car parks, because on these days they are free.

Since Babergh introduced parking charges nearly two years ago, it hasn’t had a penny out of me, and I intend to keep it that way.

So I wasn’t pleased to see the stories in last week’s Free Press in which residents and councillors called for permits and restrictions to tackle anti-social street parking.

As soon as it became clear that charges were coming in, I scouted out suitable parking spots, out of the way and causing as little inconvenience to anyone else as possible.

It’s disappointing that other motorists aren’t showing the same courtesy. Disappointing mostly because they could ruin it for the rest of us.

Please, show some consideration – to residents, and to the poor and/or tight-fisted of us who need to park in town for more than three hours at a time.

WHERE has all the money gone? Seriously. First there were the calls to teach members of the public to be have-a-go-heroes, then NHS Suffolk tells us to stay well away from A&E over the bank holiday unless we’re actually dying, and now we hear that Sudbury’s firefighters are losing their water tanker.

Call me old-fashioned, but having a good supply of water seems to be a fairly important part of being a firefighter. What are they supposed to do at the next barn blaze? Try and blow it out like a giant birthday candle? Take a couple of bottles of Evian with them and hope for the best?

Whatever loose change is left in the wreckage that is our economy, I vote it goes on making sure we’re not fully reliant on plucky 80-year-olds handbagging fleeing jewellery thieves, that someone will be willing to treat that second-degree barbecue burn or bizarre but not life-threatening DIY-related impalement, and that our firefighters actually have the resources to fight fires.