A few more points to ponder

FURTHER to your article in the Free Press, I would like to add a few points.

Firstly: How can the council say that some of the additional costs were caused by overnight working?

The disruption had already been caused by closing the road and all the barriers that protected the work force.

I am not surprised that they worked overnight to get extra money, because whenever I passed during the daytime, there was never any sign of any work being carried out.

The workforce were either having coffee or there was nobody there at all.

In any other country, the amount of work that was necessary could probably have been completed in a couple of weeks with proper planning.

Secondly: The hump is far too gentle to restrict the speed of the traffic any more as it has already been reduced to a crawl most of the time by the lights at the pedestrian crossing a few yards up the road and cars backing the traffic up as they wait to pull into one of the parking places on Market Hill.


Croft Road