Young drivers urged to stay safe

Young drivers are being urged to keep themselves and their friends safe this New Year’s Eve after research showed only six out of ten would definitely try to persuade a drunk friend not to drive.

The research, compiled for driving school BSM, showed only 59 per cent of young drivers would attempt to stop a drunk friend driving. Slightly fewer would try to persuade a friend who had taken an illegal drug not to drive.

A gender split was also evident with just over one in ten young male drivers saying they definitely would not, or be quite or very unlikely to, try to persuade a drunk friend not to drive. This fell to almost one in twenty for women.

Mark Peacock, head of BSM, said: “We are really urging young drivers to take care of themselves and their friends on the biggest party night of the year.

“If you are driving the safest way to ensure you are not over the legal limit is to take a “zero tolerance” policy and stay away from alcohol completely.

“No one wants to start the New Year with points on their licence, a fine or worse still, an accident and injuries.”

Tips on how to stay safe include;

- Not getting into a car with a driver they know to be over the legal alcohol limit or who has taken an illegal substance.

- Looking after their friends – if you know someone is over the limit or has taken an illegal drug try to persuade them not to drive. Peer pressure can be used positively.

- Adopting a “zero tolerance” position by not drinking any alcohol if they will be driving.

- Not taking any illegal drugs if they will be driving.

- Organising a designated driver or pre-booking a licensed taxi for New Year’s Eve.