Work starts on £25k repair to stop falling debris at town hall

Repairs to Sudbury Town Hall costing £25,000 are being undertaken to prevent injuries being caused by falling materials.

Work started around a month ago and is set to continue until the end of August, with scaffolding surrounding the building on Market Hill.

Sue Brotherwood, town clerk, said: “When the hall was redecorated last year, it was discovered that the cornices round the top were starting to come away and one actually fell to the ground.”

She said rain had soaked into lime and frozen during the cold weather earlier this year, causing it to crack.

“We couldn’t risk not having it done as one piece of masonry falling down could kill someone,” said Mrs Brotherwood.

“It is going to cost at least £25,000 but it has to be done. If something were to fall on someone, it would cost a lot more than that.”

She added that metal sheeting had been put around the scaffolding to prevent people climbing up it, while plastic sheeting was in place ahead of a planned programme of pressure washing.

The town hall remains open for business as usual, while Sudbury Register Office has contacted couples who have booked weddings at the venue to warn them of the work.