Work on precinct set to continue into at least the spring

Shoppers and businesses will have to endure makeover work on Sudbury’s Borehamgate Precinct for at least another three months.

The £168,000 revamp of the centre had originally been due for completion by mid-February, but project supervisor Dick Knights revealed before Christmas the final date had been revised by around two weeks.

After workmen recommenced work on Thursday, Mr Knights, from Wiles contractors, said he had been forced to push back the finish date again.

“We will be here until at least the end of March,” he said.

“It is not so much the construction that takes time, but the decoration.”

As part of the much-called for makeover, which began in October, floor tiles are being replaced with non-slip stone slabs and a new ramp and steps built.

Workers downed tools before Christmas to allow shops to take advantage of the festive trade, and Mr Knights said helping businesses was at the top of his agenda.

“We could be done quicker but we are doing it in sections so there is always access to shops,” he said. “It is not feasible for them any other way.”