Woman waits for apology

A FURIOUS Sudbury woman at the centre of a council error has still not received an apology.

Sonia Holland, from Second Avenue, was sent an Ipswich woman’s benefit entitlement details along with her own, as reported in the Free Press two weeks ago.

When Miss Holland phoned up Babergh District Council to complain, she said she was told to post it back. Following her complaint, the council said they had sent a full written apology and were investigating the error and the phone conversation.

Miss Holland said: “No apology letter has yet turned up, and the day after the story went in the Free Press, the council sent me a snotty letter saying I owed them £9.78 in unpaid council tax.

“The letter said if I didn’t pay by the 25th then they would start court procedures against me. It is more than a slap in the face.”

Miss Holland, who is a single parent and works as a carer, had expressed her concerns that the information she received, which included the woman’s name, address, income and benefit entitlements could have ended up in the hands of a fraudster.

She said she believed the council may have posted her intended apology to the wrong person.

“I thought my apology may well have gone to someone else’s address. It was the first of the month when I got the original wrong letter with the other woman’s details - that’s a long time to wait for an apology,” she said.

“They have made the cock-up and they can’t even send out an apology to the proper address, or they just haven’t bothered. If they have mailed it then where the hell is it? It seems to me that they can’t do anything right.”

A Babergh District Council spokesperson said: “A letter of apology was sent to Miss Holland within days of her original complaint. As this has not arrived, another one will be sent. We pass our apologies for both matters on to Miss Holland.”