Woman’s plea to reverse dog ban

A BUS company says it has been forced to impose a dog ban on all its buses after a guide dog was attacked.

Beeston Buses, based in Hadleigh, has refused to let dogs on its vehicles after passengers were forced to intervene when a pit bull terrier attacked a guide dog.

Another incident, where a dog was sick on the seats, prompted a string of customers to complain.

However, regular bus user and dog owner Sarah Titford has written to the company, also known as Constable Coaches Ltd, begging it to allow her elderly dog, Jessie, to continue to accompany her on her twice-weekly journeys from Sudbury to Boxford.

Mrs Titford, 62, of Chesnut Mews, Sudbury, said she cannot bear to leave the dog on her own while she plays tennis.

She said: “Jessie has always come with me and when I change sides on the tennis court she follows me.

“She’s very old and very attached to me and people call her my shadow.

“I hate leaving her on her own and it would be such a shame if we couldn’t continue our outings for the last little while of her life.”

Phil Munson, managing director of Beeston Buses, said: “We have had a number of incidents where dogs have caused problems, in particular where a disabled blind woman was put in a potentially dangerous situation because of another passenger’s dog.

“We have also had dogs being sick and urinating on our buses which means all the passengers have to be transferred and the bus is out of action for the rest of the day.

“I have to draw the line somewhere and it is not fair for the other passengers so now it will be strictly guide dogs only.

“As for making exceptions, if I make a rule, it has to be one rule for everyone.”