Woman’s anger at car damage

A WOMAN who returned from shopping to find her car “gouged” in a Sudbury car park has questioned the driver’s lack of a conscience.

Alpheton resident Julie Moss said her partner’s silver saloon car ended up being severely damaged by a vehicle parked next to hers in Girling Street car park, at the back of North Street, on Saturday.

She believes the accident happened at about 1.15pm when witnesses saw the driver reverse out of the space, failing to notice how close they were to the Audi A4.

The damage runs right along the side of the car on the passenger side and the driver failed to stop and has not reported the accident to the police.

She said: “It’s caused about £1,500 of damage we reckon but we are still waiting to get the estimate. I can’t believe that someone could do so much damage and not realise it. It’s all deeply scrapped along one side, in fact it’s gouged.

“Doesn’t anyone have a conscience these days to stop and report it? It really makes me cross that the person could not be bothered to own up to it.

“It’s like that poor woman who was injured in that hit-and-run accident in Sudbury. No-one has come forward to answer to that and the poor woman’s life has probably been ruined because of that person. It is very sad.”

Julie, who lives in Old Bury Road, Alpheton, was in Sudbury for two hours and found the damage on the car at 2pm.

“It turns out someone in a shop nearby saw the accident at about 1.15pm but didn’t take any of the registration details,” she said. “They say it was a woman with short brown hair driving some kind of 4x4 or small, light-coloured van.”

Julie helped to catch a criminal on the run several years ago when she worked for Barclays bank in Sudbury.

She said: “The police chased him into the bank and, when I realised what was happening, I rushed from my desk and helped the police. I actually sat on the man’s legs.”

q If you have any information about this incident, contact the police on 101.

CARELESS: John Moore points out the passenger side damage to his car.

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