Wheat a mess as drivers forced to go against the grain

Drivers travelling on the A1071 towards Hadleigh came face-to-face with an uncommon sight this week – a massive heap of grain spread across the main road when a grain lorry shed its load.

The accident happened near Boxford on Tuesday at around 4pm, and the road was still being cleared by farm workers with brooms two hours later.

Motorist Alex Wise, from Brook Hall Road, Boxford, was travelling into Sudbury with his eight-year-old son William at the time.

Mr Wise was held in a traffic queue just after the accident happened.

“There was grain everywhere,” he said. “It was quite a dramatic sight.

“It looked like a trailer carrying grain had lost its load as it had come out of a field on to the main road to transport it.

“We had to wait while all the traffic was directed around the spill.”