West Suffolk Hospital patients relax with CD

Wellhead EMN-140827-184238001
Wellhead EMN-140827-184238001

Therapy patients at West Suffolk Hospital are benefiting from a relaxation CD produced by staff in the department.

The CD has been put together by the integrated therapies department (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy).

It gives patients the chance to practise relaxation and visualisation at home, which can help make their treatment more effective and lead to fewer hospital appointments.

The CD has been designed to help patients with a range of conditions where relaxation can play a key part in recovery, such as panic attacks, anxiety, hyperventilation, dysfunctional breathing, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Patients of all ages are benefitting from using it, along with those attending West Suffolk Hospital’s outreach clinics.

Helen Stewart, clinical specialist respiratory physiotherapist at the hospital, said: “We were doing more and more relaxation with patients as part of their therapy.

“Some patients said it would be really good to have a recording for home, so they

could take the advice with them. We thought it made perfect sense to make a CD.

“Without physical as well as mental relaxation patients can’t get very far into the

recovery. It’s a huge part of it.

“In six months we have sold 100 CDs, which is fantastic. It can make a big difference

and has been a great success. We are also trialling the role of a relaxation

practitioner to develop this area further.”

The CDs are being sold at a suggested donation of £2.50 each to cover costs, with

the department recently ordering a further 100 copies.