West Suffolk Hospital gets more critical time in emergencies

Julia Saberi, ED unit manager and Julia Dunn, ED staff nurse, with the new resus storage. ANL-141027-142144001
Julia Saberi, ED unit manager and Julia Dunn, ED staff nurse, with the new resus storage. ANL-141027-142144001
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Vital storage which will make equipment and drugs easier to access in an emergency has been installed at West Suffolk Hospital thanks to the generosity of its Friends.

The specialist units have been added to all three main resuscitation bays in the Emergency Department (ED), while storage areas have also been upgraded with stacking units.

The £42,000 project, which has brought the ED into line with best practice guidelines, has been funded by the Friends of West Suffolk Hospital.

The new units have been introduced to make it easier for staff to access medication and equipment, such as catheters, airway kits and drips, when they are treating patients with serious illnesses or injuries and time is critical.

They use colour-coded drawers so that staff can quickly find what they need, while the layout has been standardised in all bays so that clinicians will know exactly where each piece of equipment is kept, regardless of where they are working.

The long-term aim is to barcode all drawers, hooks and shelves, freeing up time currently spent carrying out stock checks by hand for nurses to spend with patients.

Carl Kwiatkowski, emergency department service manager at West Suffolk Hospital,

said: “This modernisation project has made a huge difference to the care of our patients and our resuscitation area.

“We are extremely grateful to the Friends for funding this fantastic project. The units are already saving valuable time, which is vitally important in the treatment of patients who are very seriously ill or injured where every second counts.

“The new units have also allowed us to standardise the way drugs and equipment are stored, which is making things much easier to find and ensuring we can continue to provide the best possible care to our patients.”

Grant Greetham, chairman of the Friends of West Suffolk Hospital, said: “This is just another way in which the Friends have been able to support the hospital and bring the trust in line with best practice guidelines, for which we are very proud.

”Membership of the Friends costs £5 a year. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact voluntary services on 01284 713206. For more information about the work of the Friends and how you can donate, please visit www.friendsofwsh.org.uk