Weekend Thought by Simon Gill

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HOSEpipe bans in March? Sounds unbelievable– but several water authorities in our part of the country have recently announced them.

Water was a world millennium development goal: to halve the number of people with no access to clean water by 2015.

Recent reports suggest this has been met, but this has now been cast into doubt.

Water is such a vital resource. Not surprisingly, it features regularly in the Bible in various ways: a blessing from God; a problem in time of need and something that caused conflict due to shortage.

Throughout the Bible, its value is mentioned – but today in Britain it is something we tend to take for granted. It comes out of our taps whenever we need it and is always drinkable.

Back to hosepipe bans – we are beginning to be reminded that we can’t take it for granted as we once did.

Scarcity in the Bible was an occasion when the prophets of old reminded the people they were not only taking water for granted but God as well.

As we have to think more carefully about our water use, let us also not take God for granted so much that we hardly think of him.