Weekend Thought by Rev Simon Gill

We are in a period of waiting. We wait to see what will happen to the economy of the country – will our incomes increase anytime soon?

We wait on the referenda of Scotland and the EU. What will England’s relationship be to our neighbours – in the north or across the Channel?

Or nearer to home the by-election in Eastleigh – what will it do to the coalition?

If politics is of no interest, do we wait longingly for warmer weather or who will be the next Pope?

How about waiting for God? Easter is a time when we celebrate Jesus dying so that our sins might be forgiven and rising again that we might have new life with God.

But we are not there yet – Easter is still a few weeks away.

At the moment, we are waiting. In cold weather, political and economic uncertainty.

Wouldn’t it just be good if all of that uncertainty were over – including that God would show up more clearly?

Jesus himself was no stranger to waiting. At least 30 years as a human before his ministry began. Forty days and nights in the desert as he prayed and started his ministry. Why not just get on with it?

The personal character formation that comes from waiting is an ongoing story throughout the Bible.

If even Jesus needed to be formed through it – maybe we do too.

So let’s dwell on the moment and not long for tomorrow.

As we wait, whatever it is for, let’s also ask Jesus how he might transform us in the process.