Weekend Thought by Peter C Avery

CAN you imagine standing before the throne of God the Creator, the one we call the King of Kings?

Something so wonderful, so pure, so holy, so powerful, all knowing, and even terrifying.

Terrifying maybe because we know that we can no longer use our slick skills and smooth moves to try to talk our way out of some serious trouble.

In the Bible, the book of Revelation 20 says that everyone will stand before God and account for everything they have said and done. Everything.

Regardless if we believe in God or not, the Bible says we will all stand before him. Regardless if we are believers or not, we will stand before God and answer directly to him for everything we have done.

Sounds like the plan for a new blockbuster movie – everybody that is important in the movie world is making doomsday films at this time.

It is not long (four months) before the end of the world as we know it, if the Mayan calendar is to be believed.

Or could we destroy our world with nuclear weapons, or some other disaster. This is alright for the cinema but, when the Christian message at the end of the world is spoken about or publicised, we are told it is not true. But it is very true.

It seems to me to be a message that is no longer politically correct to talk about.

Yes, the messages of salvation are true and uplifting. Yes, as sinners we can be forgiven through Christ and have eternal life. And yes, we can inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

The message of salvation makes a great church sermon and may draw bigger crowds to church. But a lot of times the preaching stops there.

The Bible does indeed say these things. But the Bible is also telling us that everyone will stand before God and give an answer for everything that they have said and done, whether as a believer, or a non-believer.

Can you imagine that? As a non-believer answering for things that you may have already forgotten about?

Maybe something we did decades ago, that we have already forgotten about will be accounted for on that day as we stand before God.

Yes, it is true that Jesus defeated death for us. Yes, he made it possible for anyone to enter the kingdom of Heaven through his spirit. But the Bible says that all is not forgotten.

As saved Christians, we will still stand before God as his children, and account for everything we have done as his children, and we will be rewarded for the good deeds that we have done, and the bad. God will judge everyone.

Know this for sure on that day, whether it is next week, next year or 100 years from now, his piercing gaze will see right through to our true hearts.

God knows every one of our intentions true or not so true.