Weekend Thought by Major Jean Crozier

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During the winter months, our thoughts turn to dark nights and frosty mornings.

The rolling seasons allow us to see God’s continued plan for his creation, but when we are trying to keep out the cold and spending long nights shut in, sometimes alone, it is hard to remember that after every winter comes spring.

As we watch the snow fall, we are reminded of the beauty of the snowflake and yet the awesomeness of creation.

Of course, the frost and snow make life difficult for some.

Being cold is an ugly and painful element in human experience, birds and small animals may die in the cold winter.

For you and I, the cold may not be such a threat but it can lower our quality of life, reducing us to preoccupation with our own needs.

Frost is clean and has its own beauty. I remember a number of years ago, when I worked in Scotland, during a particularly cold spell we travelled through a woodland area and it was like a winter wonderland with the trees and bushes all white with frost.

Even the Biblical writers marvelled at frost and thaw, but frostbite is a very painful thing.

On human hearts and spirits, it can be even more damaging. How can we prevent spiritual hypothermia?

I read a story of a small girl who rescued some plant cuttings from a skip. She planted them in a tin can.

She lived in a high-rise flat and every morning she placed the can in the east window, and then later removed it to the west window ... simply to keep it in the sun. She, in fact, grew lovely geraniums.

So you and I can prevent spiritual hypothermia by keeping ourselves in contact with the son.

Jesus, the son of God, offers to us the warmth of his love, but even more than that he wants that love might radiate though us to others.

Nothing stands still, God promises that he will continue to do new things, season upon season.

Isaiah 43:19 says: “See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”