Weekend Thought by Lynn Moult

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I have been informed that I will have to have an operation and will need six to eight weeks before I am back to my usual activities.

Earlier this month, I attended a presentation at the hospital to tell me what I can expect before, during and after my operation.

I am amazed at what modern medicine can do. I am thankful for the various hospital workers – doctors, nurses, physios, radiographers, porters and many others – for the part they will play in getting me back to good health.

Before I have my operation, I will be required to have an ECG and blood test, from which they will be able to tell if my heart is healthy and working well enough to have the operation.

The Bible says “the heart is deceitful above all things” – no amount of hospital tests can tell what the heart is really like (spiritually).

The Bible says God knows our hearts, and he knows what it is really like.

I can have an operation to put right what is wrong medically, but what can we do about a “heart that is deceitful”, a heart that is tainted by sin and disobedient against God?

The answer is nothing. We need the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the great physician, to forgive us for our sin, cleanse our hearts and give us a new life.

The Lord Jesus has done all that is necessary for us to receive this forgiveness and a clean heart when he died on the cross.

I have every confidence in the hospital staff, but I have absolute trust in God to deal with my heart (spiritually).

“If we confess our sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all sin.”