Weekend Thought by Judy Mudd

Water: something we all take for granted. We turn the tap and it is there for our use.

When living in Halstead, the water board regularly flushed out our plumbing, and we were without water for three to four hours.

It made me appreciate my normal supply, and I also remembered those in countries who don’t have the luxury of clean water.

I was very sad to hear the news of the death of two young soldiers, who were training on the Brecon Beacons and it seems had lost their lives through lack of water. Essential to even the young and strong.

Jesus was one day resting beside a well when a women came to draw water for her daily needs.

Most of the women would go to the well at the coolest part of the day, but she had her reasons for not doing so, she had a questionable reputation.

Jesus had, and still has, a very loving heart. He loves us even though he knows the worst about us.

How amazing that is. Jesus spoke to her asking for a drink. As they chattered together, he told her stuff she had done in her life, even the things which no one else knew about.

Jesus offered her everlasting water. That must have caught her attention – no more need to come to the well in the hottest part of the day.

But that wasn’t what Jesus was really saying. He was offering God’s forgiveness and cleansing in her life, a fresh start, living daily with God’s help, guidance and direction.

I believe that day, she found through Jesus a God she could love and trust.

We also can seek happiness in life in many different ways, but true joy is found in accepting Jesus into our lives.