Weekend Thought by Judith Mudd

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What’s your name?

Names, I believe, are very important. When our children were born, we considered what their names could be shortened to, knowing children can be very unkind to one another, and the surname would be an easy target anyway.

I’m happy with my name, although I felt as a child my sister’s was better, her second name is Joy, mine was chosen because of the time of day I arrived. A friend once said I would have been in trouble if I had arrived at midnight.

Names have meanings – my daughter’s means star, and my son’s a crown.

In Bible times, a name was very important and the meaning of it often depicted the character of that person.

In fact, on at least two occasions God actually chose the name of the baby before it was born.

The first was John, known as John the Baptist. It was usual to be called by the father’s name, but God spoke to his dad Zechariah and told him to call the baby John. When he obeyed God and wrote down “John,” the dumbness he had been suffering with left him.

Wow, all there must have realised how real God is, and that he had special plans for this baby.

The second was Jesus. God told Mary that the son she was bearing was to be named Jesus, meaning saviour.

Jesus most definitely lived up to his name, for he was brutally beaten and crucified to take the blame and guilt for our sins, the wrongs we have done, yours and mine. And that was the first Easter.

Eggs are a symbol of new life, that’s what God wants for us, to be sorry for the wrongs we have committed, believe in Jesus as our saviour, and receive life everlasting.