Weekend Thought by John Clark

In John’s Gospel, we have the beautiful story of the young boy who gave all the food he had to Jesus. Then Jesus multiplies the food to feed 5,000 people.

Most boys that I know would have eaten their picnic before the day had hardly begun.

We sometimes underestimate the capacity of young people to understand and put into practice the Christian message.

Here was one boy who had heard Jesus teach, had understood the heart of the message and was ready to put it into practice.

He heard the concern in the voice of Jesus when he asked Philip how they were to feed the multitude.

He heard Philip’s reply that they completely lacked the resources to feed such a crowd.

The boy hadn’t got much but he had enough to feed Jesus. He offered to Jesus what he had.

There is no knowing what Jesus can do when we give our all to him.

The boy did not seem worth even a name in Scripture, yet his act of selfless sacrifice stands as a witness for all time to the transforming power of Jesus.

The boy becomes the channel of blessing to the multitude. His bread and fish were broken as later Jesus himself was to be broken to bless the many.

Giving is about taking the little we have to God and seeing it transformed into the boundless riches of God’s grace and mercy.

It is the joining of the many raindrops of love and compassion to form a river of aid for the poor.

When we give to help the needy, let us give with joy. May the angels in heaven clap their hands.

May the smile on the face of God broaden as he sees his children acting like the family he so much desires.