Weekend Thought by John Clark

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How does a song like I’m forever blowing bubbles become the club anthem of West Ham United Football Club?

It was introduced in the 1920s because a West Ham United player bore an uncanny resemblance to the famous Bubbles painting of a boy used in the Pears soap commercial. The song speaks of bubbles being blown in the air ...

They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams they fade and die.

Football supporters know what it is to have dreams fade and die. We all have dreams that burst. A marriage breaks up or a child is taken ill and dies.

We are suddenly made redundant from a much-loved job. Life can be cruel and all our hopes can fade in a moment.

Two of the disciples who had followed Jesus for three years were sadly walking to the village of Emmaus. Their dreams had been shattered.

They had hoped that Jesus had come to free Israel from the Romans, instead he had been crucified. There was nothing to look forward to, nothing to hope for.

As they walked, a man accompanied them and discussed what had happened to Jesus. He explained how everything that had happened to Jesus had fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament.

They stopped at an inn for a meal. The stranger took the bread, gave thanks and broke it to share with them. As he did this, the two disciples realised the stranger was Jesus.

They had heard he had risen from the dead but found it hard to believe. Now the proof was before their very eyes.

They were invited to share a new dream. It was a dream that would never fade and, like Jesus, would never die.