Weekend Thought by John Clark

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OUR church did a “Holiday at Home” for 45 senior citizens. We took them to “Australia” complete with boarding passes and passports.

There was our version of the Olympics with the medals presented by Sudbury’s mayor. We put them on a “guess who I am” quiz. Eleven of the helpers dressed up as famous Australians from Rolf Harris to Errol Flynn and Dame Edna, of course.

I was Ned Kelly, Australia’s answer to Robin Hood. With a black bucket over my head, homemade armour and an old air rifle in my hand, I paced about the room.

The real Ned Kelly was executed and thrown into a communal paupers’ grave. Recently, the remains have been identified by DNA testing. Ned’s family asked for his remains back last month, 132 years after he was executed.

It reminded me of the friends of Jesus who asked for his body back after his execution on the cross.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took him to a new grave cut in the rock and lovingly placed him there.

Mind you, he didn’t need it for long. On the third day, his body was gone.

There are all kinds of explanations. Some say his disciples stole the body, others that he was not dead and walked away.

His followers, however, proclaimed joyfully that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Who was right? The debate goes on but one thing we know: the disciples went all over the known world telling others that Jesus had risen from the dead.

They not only preached but put their lives where their mouths were. Stephen was stoned to death, Paul was beheaded, Peter and his wife were crucified. The list of martyrs goes on and on.

Were they ready to die for a lie? They believed in what they saw and so do I.