Weekend Thought by Jan Rogers

Every morning, when I wake up, I lean over and put the kettle on for a mug of coffee.

A friend of mine in the USA gave me a mug while we were visiting them last year.

It bears the phrase “be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46 verse 10.

It reminds me just to be quiet so that I can think and mediate on God. I read my Bible and pray before rushing around and getting all the things done I need to do that day. I cherish this time as I find great encouragement and help each day.

Some might say I don’t know God and don’t believe in these things. Well, I say in order to know God one must spend time with him.

We get to know people the more time we spend with them. Spending time with our friends is invaluable as it is the only way we will really get to know them.

Once there was a man speaking in London and shouted out that no one could prove that there is a God.

However, then a man came forth and took an apple from his pocket and took a bite and then turned to the man and asked: “Sir, tell me what this apple tastes like.

“I can’t,” replied the man. “I haven’t tasted it.”

Neither can you know God unless you taste and see that he is good.