Weekend Thought by Godfrey Miller

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The birth of this little son to William and Kate has thrilled the nation and we deeply rejoice with his parents.

The birth of any child though is truly a marvellous and miraculous event.

When a baby enters this world it amazingly has trillions of cells in working order and all the capacity for growth and relationship.

I well remember watching the birth of my oldest son, an incredibly precious experience that will stay with me for life.

How interesting then that when Jesus wanted to tell a man called Nicodemus how to find God and go to heaven one day, he told him he had to be born again.

“I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.”

The message Jesus was communicating was this: “Nicodemus, just as you came into this world by being born, you need to know that you can only enter heaven by being born again, in this life.”

This is a spiritual experience open to all members of the human race.

All we need to do is repent, that is, be sorry for and pull away from the sinful things we do, and call on the name of Jesus to be rescued.

When we do this we experience God’s forgiveness and peace.

Some very high profile people have shared how they have been born again. Chuck Colson who was one of President Nixon’s aides and imprisoned for his part in the Watergate scandal became a committed Christian whilst in prison and later wrote a book called “Born Again.”

Jonathan Aitken likewise was converted in prison and has shared his testimony in many parts of the UK. Jason Robinson the international rugby player is another believer.

Their experience can be yours as well.