Weekend Thought by Faith Marsden

Just recently, I seem to have heard a lot of comments like: “Is it me or does time seem to go quicker than it used to?” and “Doesn’t time fly.”

And in the supermarkets as the chocolate, cards, and gifts appear: “It’s not five minutes since last Christmas.”

Obviously time doesn’t go any more quickly today than at any other time, nor can it fly, but we know why people say these things.

I seem to remember as a child that Christmas seemed a very long time coming around and that the school summer holidays were blissfully long. I guess those were the days when I wasn’t the one planning or preparing for any of it.

Now we seem to be living for the next event or milestone and have forgotten the joy of living one day at time and enjoying it.

A few heads turned when I slipped into town in September wearing a T-shirt that had the logo “Waiting for Christmas” emblazoned across the front.

One brave woman in the bank had the courage to ask: “Are you mad?”

Some local schools are taking part in a project called Waiting for Christmas and I had been into several of them to encourage as many children as possible to take part.

The aim of the project is to provide water for a little village in Malawi where currently to get water at all involves an hour-and-a-half walk in the morning and again in the evening to collect it.

Children in our local schools have learned songs, been filmed for a DVD and recorded a CD to sell, to raise money to help the village.

They are doing their bit to help those less fortunate than themselves, and the time they have given up along with all the adult volunteers will make a huge difference to the families in Malawi.

It’s a salutary reminder that time is a gift and, however fast or slowly it passes, we need to use it as wisely as possible.