Weekend Thought by Faith Marsden

WE have honoured our Queen this week.

The bunting has been out in abundance, the Union Jacks raised and communities have come together to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The only thing that appeared to struggle to do its best was the weather.

We are rightly proud and glad to celebrate the life and reign of Her Majesty.

She has served us with dignity in all her duties and never wavered in her commitment to the nation. She made those promises of loyalty and duty in her early twenties and is still keeping them 60 years on.

Somehow she still seems to be able to pack more in her week than most of us do in a month.

She has made clear that her ability to do the job has come from the loyal support of her family, particularly Prince Phillip, but that her strength and wisdom has come from her secure faith in God.

Maybe as we ponder the life and reign of our Queen, we could also ponder our Christian heritage as a country whose good laws and backbone have been based on the principles set out for us by God.

He has also made a commitment to us and he has not wavered in it even when our allegiance to him has floundered.