Weekend Thought by Eleanor Ridge

Recently, I was given a copy of this message from King George VI which was put into every Gideon New Testament given to the forces prior to the Second World War.

“To all serving in my forces by sea or land, or in the air, and to all my people engaged in the defence of the realm, I commend the reading of this book.

“For centuries, the Bible has been a wholesome and strengthening influence in our national life, and it behoves us in these momentous days to turn with renewed faith to this divine source of comfort and inspiration.”

This seems amazing today that someone of such intelligence, riches and power could put great value on the Bible. Or is it?

Last month, I talked with a woman who told me how she discovered the truth King George knew.

She had been through a great trauma when her partner had a serious accident and could communicate only by sight.

She nursed him and was so convinced that he was going to heaven that she said this to him as he died.

Following his death, she tried to find the source of her assurance, visiting various sects but none met her need.

Eventually, she picked up the Bible and, upon reading the gospels, discovered the words and actions of Jesus.

She told me that the more she read, the more her heart blossomed into life. She knew this was what she had been looking for, here was the answer to her needs, here was deep caring love – in Jesus’ life and words.

So may I suggest to you that, old though it may be, the Bible is so up-to-date it meets the needs of king and commoner and can be the answer for you, too.

Whatever you are seeking from life, you can find in the words, actions and presence of Jesus, the son of God.