Weekend Thought by Christine Paine

Do you ever feel that you are running on empty? Many believers think that they know how their lives should be, and yet become increasingly aware that they are failing miserably.

Older folk often feel that their world-view is held in contempt by those in positions of authority, who would love the opportunity to re-educate them.

In a world where prosperity promises everything one could wish for, the reality is that nothing seems to be working any more: people in full-time employment can’t make ends meet, and employment opportunities appear to be diminishing and the promised freedom feels more like enslavement.

God’s ways are often ignored and not infrequently laughed at, so what should believers, seekers and the bewildered be doing?

First, we have to realise that the solution lies with the creator, who not only has his plans which will ultimately go forward, but has made provision for our rescue.

During the Second World War, many in this country took advantage of air-raid shelters of one sort or another.

My late husband used to tell how the air-raid warden tried to convince his grandmother that she really should be in the shelter, but gran said that if she was to die, she wanted that to be in her own home.

Costly provision has been made for us: it would be sad if we refused to let the power of God’s Holy Spirit carry us through this difficult time in our history and beyond.

That great Jewish saint Paul, a Roman citizen who was both a dedicated scholar and Christian convert, frequently battled with both the issues of the day and those relating to his personal walk with Jesus.

He didn’t give up, but learnt to follow the leading of God’s spirit, and share tips with others.

See his letters to the Christians in Rome – chapters seven and eight are really helpful.