Weekend Thought by Christine Paine

When I was a small child, my mother often told me to look where I was going.

I remember wondering whether this meant that I should look at my feet and where I was putting them, or did she mean that I should look at what lay some distance away?

As an adult, I think she probably meant both. Psalm 119, verse 105, says that the word of God is: “A light to my feet and a lamp to my path because of the need to be vigilant.

The day is there for us to learn the truth. The night comes and puts to the test what we have learnt during the day. Day broadens the vision, light all around us allows us to assess our situation. Night envelopes us in its darkness. The day becomes but a memory.

“How well do we remember the benefits of the day? Night is a hazard because the danger may come and not be perceived. So, we need good recall on the one hand and to remain vigilant on the other.

“Good recall will help us remember where hazards lie and vigilance will help us stand our ground when surprised by an attack.

“In this way, we look down with the intention of avoiding remembered hazards and look ahead for hazards we couldn’t possibly know about.

“By first learning the wisdom of God from his word, we learn how to apply his wisdom to our life. His word thus provides us with both lamp and light. How wonderful that our God desires to give us safe passage through life and that we have his son as a companion. After all, he has already trodden the path before us.”